What metals do you work in?

At this time, we strictly work in 14k golds.

Do you ever use mined or natural diamonds?

Our lab-grown diamonds are created by mimicing (on a much smaller scale) the ecological processes that are resposible for the creation of our diamond supply billions of years ago. They are indisitinquishable from natural and mined diamonds, but create 1/20 of the carbon emissions. This element of your ring is the most critical to making a more positive impact on the planet and people.

What about alternative gemstones?

We love working with many precious and semi-precious gemstones!

We will always recommend gemstone types that are above a 7 on the Moh's hardness scale as any softer stones have a high risk of scratching or breaking during your lifetime. Alternative gems at 7 and above include emerald, morganite, sapphire, ruby, citrine, amethyst and aquamarine.

Some popular gems that we will not work with include opals, moonstone, turquoise, pearl, and onyx as these have a high likelihood of wear and tear or breakage.

Can I customize one of your designs or do we need to go through your bespoke process?

We more than welcome customizations on our current in-house designs! Want a different stone cut or to use an alternative gemstone? Want to add a couple gems, or take some away? Want to change a width or metal finish? You name it.

Customizations of our in-house designs can run anywhere between $100-$1000 depending on what you are looking for. Feel free to get in touch below and we can answer any questions or give you a better idea of what's possible.

Are you able to incorporate family stones or jewelry?

Absolutely, though there are a couple things to note.

We can not re-incorporate stones smaller than 2mm as these are too commonly lost during the setting process (their lightness really makes them jump away at the speed of light). We would just hate to have one disappear.

Depending on the style of ring we are designing and the technical processes needed, we will either be able to melt your heirloom metal straight into your piece, or we can credit you the melt value of your recycled jewelry toward your ring.

How long does it take to create a bespoke ring with you?

This mostly will depend on the design process (ie, revisions needed, etc), but we usually recommend getting in touch at least 3 months before you are hoping to have your ring in hand.

On average, our bespoke rings take anywhere between 4-12 weeks to fully bring to life.

How many design revisions can we go through?

Once you are confident in a concept and we have refined, detailed sketches, we then head into a 3D render stage.

We understand that adding a dimension to previously considered sketches can change things! We allot for 2 revisions at this stage, and any needed revisions or redesigns (post the 2 already alloted) will add $250 to the total design charge.