About us

Worn day-in and day-out, Profess rings see the highs and lows of your relationship, celebrate every ordinary moment of marriage, and reflect the everyday of your partnership long beyond a proposal moment or wedding day. 

They are with you during your breezy summer evening walks, in the long silences during a living room couch fight, on solo commutes to work or getaways apart, and in the excitement of doing nothing together upon your return home. 

In your individuality and your togetherness, these rings are made to remind you of your goodness in all stages, comfort you in your unknown and unfolding process and encourage your affection for one another as you transform through life. Standing for all that you have and will profess to each other, we hope they are symbols of steadiness when the reality of partnership misses it's often idealized mark. 

Founded by wife and husband duo Hayley and Jarod Faw (founders of apse), Profess aims to provide an intimate alternative to the ring giving experience of decades past. Working 1-on-1 with us, we will join visions to realize a ring that represents what your relationship has endured, the beauty of its current phase and the evolution of many more to come.

Staying loyal to apse's code of ethics and sustainability efforts throughout our production practices, we are dedicated to using recycled precious metals, sourcing gemstones from sources that put the earth first, using only lab-grown diamonds, and slowly producing in our Bellingham, WA studio while incorporating CAD and 3-D printing technologies. 

Every ring created gives 3% of all sales to DVSAS of Whatcom County to heal victims of and end domestic violence and sexual assault. With a commitment to the full spectrum of support that victims need after the trauma of partner violence or sexual assault, DVSAS offers accessible housing, support services, legal advocacy and prevention education to break the cycle of violence once and for all.

couples with Profess rings created just for them
years of jewelry industry experience
years of loving each other

It's in the story and in the monotony, in the ritual and the taboo. 

It's my delight and my doubt, it's every deposit taken out on you. 

It's in the late mornings and early nights, when you warm my withholding my heart. 

It's our future experienced together, yet seen from heaven's apart. 

Felt by a silent sky and growling wind, it's in the transparent and unknown. 

It's living every moment for someone else, while becoming my very own. 

Every good thing and every bad thing, I have nothing to show anyone but you. 

You tell me neither hold a greater weight, And I'm found by how you make it so true.