Worn day-in and day-out, Profess rings see the highs and lows of your relationship, celebrate every ordinary moment of marriage, and reflect the everyday of your partnership long beyond a proposal moment or wedding day. 

They are with you during your breezy summer evening walks, in the long silences during a living room couch fight, on solo commutes to work or getaways apart, and in the excitement of doing nothing together upon your return home. 

In your individuality and your togetherness, these rings are made to remind you of your goodness in all stages, comfort you in your unknown and unfolding process and encourage your affection for one another as you transform through life.

Standing for all that you have and will profess to each other, we hope they are symbols of steadiness when the reality of partnership misses it's idealized mark. 

love shared multiplies

An Every Day Kind Of Love

We are Hayley and Jarod and we had a rough wedding.

Despite unmet expecations, our wedding experience taught us that the transparent daily ways we share ourselves and our affinity for one another are exponentially richer in meaning than any grandious guesture or a Pinterest party.

This is why we created Profess; because we want you to remember the moments you felt loved when you didn't expect it - when you did nothing to earn it and it was meant for only you to experience - and that each day you share that kind of love with one another, is a celebration.

Considered from Start To Finish

Your rings are an investment into your future and a representation of your intimacy. There can be no compromise. With a combined 10 years of ring making, we are dedicated to:

- Using 100% recycled gold

- Sourcing from vetted suppliers of the R.J.C.

- Strictly hand selecting high clarity lab-grown diamonds

- Slowly handcrafting in our PNW studio

- Utlizing the CAD technologies for a ring that has just as much precision as it does artfulness

Your Partnership Has A Role

Every ring gives 3% of the sale to DVSAS of Whatcom County to heal victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

With a commitment to the entire spectrum of support victims need after the trauma of partner violence or sexual assault, DVSAS offers services including but not limite to: accessible housing, support groups, legal advocacy and prevention education so that we might break the cycle of violence.

It's in the story and in the monotony, in the ritual and the taboo.

It's my delight and my doubt, it's every deposit taken out on you.

It's in the late mornings and early nights, you warm a withholding heart.

It's our future experienced together, yet seen from heaven's apart.

Felt by a silent sky and growling wind, it's in the transparent and unknown.

It's living every moment for someone else, while becoming my very own.

Every good thing and every bad thing, I have nothing to show anyone but you.

You say neither hold a greater weight, And I'm found by how you make it so true.